ComProbe SD Protocol Analyzer

ComProbe SD Protocol Analyzer

Part Number:ComProbe SD
  • Capabilities:The ComProbe SD gives you the ability to quickly and easily search decoded frames, significantly reducing the time you spend debugging SD/SDIO device protocol and timing issues.
  • Includes:ComProbe Protocol Analysis System software, SD/SDIO/SPI/MMC sniffing hardware, one year Premium Maintenance and one year hardware warranty.
  • Lead Time:Up to 4 Weeks


  • Debug SD/SDIO issues
  • Comes with Micro SD card adapter
  • Extreme portability
The ComProbe SD comes loaded with support for SPI and MMC specification, and captures data at High-Speed 480 Mbps - it’s the ideal field or bench tool for developers of SD/SDIO/MMC-equipped devices or Bluetoothdevices that use SDIO technology.

The ComProbe SD provides developers and engineers with one compact and portable point of access to multiple bus types, including SD, SDIO, MMC and SPI, and supports 1 and 4-bit modes ensuring compatibility with current specifications. Not only does the device provide a non-intrusive window into native-format bus performance and command and response tokens, but also allows Bluetooth developers to capture Bluetooth data as it’s transported over the SDIO bus.

Once captured, data can be viewed, debugged and target-searched for errors with the powerful and mature ComProbe software. The ComProbe SD can significantly reduce the time you spend debugging SD/SDIO device protocol and timing issues, and help to bring your SD, SDIO, MMC, SPI or Bluetooth product to market faster.