Frontline BPA low energy Bluteooth Protocol Analyzer

Frontline BPA low energy Bluteooth Protocol Analyzer

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Part Number:Frontline BPA low energy
  • Capabilities:Sniff, capture, debug, and decode Bluetooth low energy (Smart) communication packets. See packets on all advertising channels simultaneously. Easy to use and entirely USB powered!
  • Includes:ComProbe Protocol Analysis System software, ComProbe BPA low energy base unit, USB cable, one year Premium Maintenance and one year hardware warranty.
  • Lead Time:Up to 4 Weeks


  • Capture all Bluetooth low energy (Smart) packets
  • See data on all advertising channels at once
  • Extreme portability
Frontline puts problem-solving literally in the palm of your hand with the ComProbe BPA low energy Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer.  Smaller than a deck of cards and running on USB power, the ComProbe BPA low energy packs a serious punch, decoding all traffic including advertising packets, data packets and control packets, and providing visibility into all three advertising channels concurrently, even before the connection is established.  A single BPA low energy follows multiple connection requests from the same advertiser to capture the resulting connections.

With the ComProbe BPA low energy, setup is easy and requires no synchronization to devices - just start capturing.  Working with custom protocols? No problem.  The BPA low energy includes DecoderScript, which allows specifying decodes for custom protocols.

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